Septembre 2021 Schedule

Pilates on the mat

At a set time every week with a maximum of 10 people a qualified trainer quickly gets to know everyone. Using swiss balls, gymsticks, small weights, bosus and other various types of small equipment your training sessions are varied every week with the pilates method. 85$/session

60 +

Specifically designed to help this generation with stability, balance and flexibility


A Pilates class specifically designed for men


Training on the reformers with a maximum of 5 people at a set time every week for the session (6 weeks). A qualified trainer ensures the movements are well executed and safe. 125$/session


Using different stretch techniques the muscles and fascial are stretched out in the whole body creating length and fluidity while releasing tension and stress. 85$/session Maximum 10 people


A combination of matwork and stretching techniques that is the best of both worlds.


Based on the Ashtanga yoga method, an intense course in the evening or a lighter course in the day. Learn the postures and breathing techniques that make this a calming yet invigorating training.

Yoga mixte

A little bit of everything. If you are not sure what you want or you just want everything this class mixes it all up working out your body in different ways.

Private Lessons – $ 70 per hour (including taxes) according to your availability.

Semi-private lessons – $ 45 per hour per person (including taxes) according to your availability.